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Code Vein Gifts and Valuables Exchange Guide With All NPCs

Code Vein Gifts and Valuables Exchange Guide With All NPCs

Code Vein Gifts and Valuables Exchange Guide With All NPCs

Code Vein is the latest action RPG developed by studio BANDAI NAMCO. In this game you play the revenge of the one who lost his blood code. A Blood Codex is a special unit that can get revenge to change class.

Donations are the possibilities of these blood codes that you can acquire or inherit with Haze. In this article I will give you some brief information about gifts and how to unlock them. Below is also a list of values that can be exchanged via the NPC in the shops.

Investigating how to use gifts without a blood code

Through these points of sale you can trade with this NPC. Each item you buy from an NPC has a certain value, which is deducted from your shop.

Gifts with code marking

In this game, the skills used for your revenge are called gifts. Gifts can be released with Haze by resting near the mistletoe. Each blood code has its own donations that need to be unlocked through research in different areas.

At these places there is a red ball on the ground. Collect these red balls to unlock the rest with a number of alphabets, for example the rest of the Atlas, part A. These balls are used to unlock gifts in the blood code.

You can check everything about the gift by resting at the mistletoe and choosing the option to buy a gift. Here you can check all the blood codes you have unlocked and the corresponding gifts. Some of the gifts may seem vague and will be blocked because you have to collect them in red balls (the parts of the loot).

Then go home and talk to Io. You can restore the balance, restore the entire balance with the coins you have collected to unlock the gifts with the blood code.

Soon we will have new messages on where to find these red balls to unlock these gifts.

Character value code

Valuable items are collectibles that you collect during your exploration. These values can be traded or sold with the NPC to increase your trading points. To trade items with NPCs, you must talk to them and select the ‘Trade Items’ option.

Below is a list with some values and the NPC you need to give them to.

  • 35 mm coil – Yakumo, Io, Jack (sockets – 3)
  • Old fashioned Cognac – Yakumo, Jack (interchangeable glasses – 5)
  • Old Part – Value (Redemption points – 5)
  • Antique LP – Davis (Points of sale – 5)
  • Aromatic herbs – Mia, Coconut (exhausts – 5)
  • Blood candy – you can give them to any NPC (sockets – 3).
  • Board game – Muasame (exchange points – 5)
  • Jam in bottle – Coconut, Louis, Mia (sockets – 3)
  • Sake Shop – Yakumo (points of sale – 5)
  • Bugarally – Jack, Davis, Yakumo, Murasame (sockets – 5)
  • Garlic chocolate flakes – Davis, Coconut (retail sale – 5)
  • Classic camera – Jack, Davis (interchangeable glasses – 5)
  • Curious new function – Io (Exchange points – 5)
  • Rifle for personal use, part – Yakumo, Murasame (Points of sale – 3)
  • Expensive cigars – Davis, Jack (Shops – 3)
  • Blurred strips – Louis (sockets – 5)
  • Flower seeds – Eva (Points of sale – 5)
  • Aromatic tea – Mia (Retail trade – 3)
  • Local flag – Io (exits – 5)
  • Organic soap – Coconut, Io, Eve, Mia, Murasame (Outlets – 3)
  • Strong spices – Coconut (commercial pots – 5)
  • Protein powder – Davis (outlets – 3)
  • Tungsten cheese – Davis, Yakumo, Jack (interchangeable lenses – 3)
  • Backgammon – Murasame (Redemption points – 5)
  • Item minus instrument – Eva, Louis (retail – 3)
  • Stuffed toys – Murasam (Redemption points – 3)
  • Sushi taco – Coconut (Redemption points – 5)
  • Tomato sandwich – Louis, Coco, Io, Eve (Redemption points – 5)
  • Set of intact colours – Eva (POS – 3)
  • Well worn instrument – Davis, Murasame (Shops – 3)
  • Yellow book – Louis (Interchangeable glasses – 5)

Let us know in the comments if you know more about other values.

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