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Code Vein All Blood Code List, Location And How To Get It

Code Vein All Blood Code List, Location And How To Get It

Code Vein All Blood Code List, Location And How To Get It

Code Vein is the latest action RPG developed by studio BANDAI NAMCO. In this game you play the revenge of the one who lost his blood code. A Blood Codex is a special unit that can get revenge to change class.

Investigating how to use gifts without a blood code

So far we have found these blood codes, we have made a bookmark how we will continue to update this and a few other notes, and we will pass on the game.

List of Code Items

During the training you will learn the blood codes and their equipment. Each vigilante can only rest one blood type, but you are special and belong to the empty blood type of Louis. This allows you to obtain and equip different blood codes.

Combat Plane/Ranger/Prop

Fighter – In possession of close combat stamina. Increases power based on strength and agility.

Ranger- This code is ideal to support and protect gift lovers.

Launchers – Specially designed for powerful offensive types of gifts that can be used remotely.

At the end of this operation you will receive 3 bloody pacts. Don’t worry, even if you miss the tutorial, you’ll get those blood bags right from the start of the game, but we recommend you fill out the tutorial to learn all about equipment, blood bags, gifts and items.


It is characterized by its great strength and endurance. Its low bed can be moved with heavy armour.

This blood code is from Oliver Collins, who was your partner at the beginning of the game, where you have to find the blood bead. Oliver will be a loser, and you’ll have to fight him as soon as you come out of the dungeon to the surface.

If you beat him, you’ll get his berserker blood code.


Well balanced for battle, but fragile. His gifts encourage escape and parade.

That blood code belongs to Louis, and after we beat first boss Oliver, we need to talk to Louis to get his blood code.


Success in distant battles. Contains gifts that support a series of bayonet attacks.

To get this blood code, you need to go to the destroyed city center in the E-13 area. Go to the place on the picture above and get the hunter’s blood pact. When you get it, you’ll face the lost looking for blood. Kill them all to make lots of Hayes.


She has great power and unique gifts that can only be used by those who are determined.

You can only get this blood pact if you have ordered the Code Vein game in advance. After beating first boss Oliver, you go to Louis, where you have to go underground to get the Harbinger blood pact.


Allows the use of heavy armour. Perfect for long close combat.

Talk to Yakumo in the region of origin after clearing 2 or 3 chapters of the game and he will offer you his blood.


Code Vein All Blood Code List, Location And How To Get It

Optimal for close combat. Contains gifts that are perfect for surprise attacks.

You’ll find that blood code in the Wowling Pit area. Search the image above to find your exact location.


Allows you to explore with confidence thanks to the balanced statistics and the gifts that come with stamina and mist.

Talk to Koko at home after he’s cleared 3-4 chapters of the game.


Creates a delicate balance between melee attacks and a variety of useful gifts.

Talk to Davis in the reception area after he clears 3-4 chapters of the game.


Characterized by high endurance and the aggressive nature of the gifts, but suffers from low endurance.

Talk to Mia at home after she’s cleared 4-5 chapters of the game.

Black viewfinder

After defeating your boss in the dry trenches you have a shortened view of a hunter. After the cut, remove the red ball from the floor and you’ll get the Darkseeker blood code.


Completion of the Cathedral of the Holy Blood for the publication of this codex on blood.


Talk to Io when you have finished your mission in the cathedral of your hometown.


After completing the chapter on memory in the game, you will receive this blood code.

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