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Career / Wep TiEr LiSt duh (long post office)

Career / Wep TiEr LiSt duh (long post office)


Career / Wep TiEr LiSt duh (long post office)

Career / Wep TiEr LiSt duh (long post office)

Big people and fallino!

It is time to make a list of the levels at which we find ourselves, the careers and the weapons that we think are more important and ~not so important~.
Let’s say the difficulty is the / Legendchampionship. If you play Cata , you can customize your list according to your experience and opinion.

Note: Everything is viable in its own way, everything is competitive, some career/return combinations are simply more versatile and bring more value to the group

Step S:
Cruber: Merc with artist+manipulator/repeater. – Large Ordeklearia with wide swings, big spades, dizzying and bonus/talents and active mobility. No big armor with an ex-word, but good long-range combat capability.
Bar Association: Iron Burdock with Shield – An incredibly robust controller, the curse of makeup artists and its ultra-observable crash aid by giving them the freedom to breathe.
Carillian: Shade s d/d and either Hugbow or Longbow. No reason to explain. Best Boss/Monster and Best CW Killer in the match against the champion. (Champion and below, almost everyone with a good AP can kill a lot of CW…)
Salt: WHC Because the axles/kickers are great (and the catches for the kennel, but not so good for pugs). The IMO AoE Ults are great and the dmg bonus is better than that of your opponent.

Level A:
Bar Association: Ranger V. with any hammer + bow/gun/gravel, depending on what suits the team combination. Ammunition caches are not that important, but bombs/glasses are great when used properly. Active power is excellent scalability. Okay, great.
Bar Association: The Fighter is incredibly versatile in close combat thanks to its 2 sets of melee weapons. Thanks to the active ability of the Bardinas to make a jump, you can jump through ground effect damage, displacement damage, etc.. Of course, more and more teams rely on this weapon for a two-handed race because they rely on special offers from the allies of Bardinas.


Salt: BH As/false + good selection of options. More reliable than the imo Waystalker, the solo can clarify the string test with the Ultra
Salt: Silo – a hard-boiled bishop. Personally, I prefer the Slayer because of her greater dominance in close combat. Even dancing at low powers is in Legend long enough for dmg passes (which is usual), which are far from optimal if you’re not hard.
Carillian: Manual Maid/Setter are both good, but I don’t have much experience with them. Both passive are good, is Waystalker active or a bit deficient or intentionally weak (compatible criteria?) with respect to armor? d/d is always good, and some are good with spears (I don’t).

Unknown/negative/unknown level:
Cruber: Huntsman I know he beats Shadow against the boss/monster and WHC/BH when it comes to the elite. doesn’t benefit the team as much as others, etc. The long bow can be too slow, and a musketeer is less efficient than a great archer. Chain shots to the head cause incredible damage, but with too much effort compared to other careers. Legend has it that it pays if you can shoot yourself in the head all the time, even if what I can’t do is at a good enough level to make it pay off.
Cruber: FK I feel like it performs better than Merc and Ironbreaker, no matter how you compare it. Ultrasound is a good thing, but there are better options.

Siena: BW Burnbuild is probably the top layer because of the massive bewilderment, and UC probably competes with WHC for the S-layer position. The cake can do a lot of damage, but I know others can do the same damage and do more damage to the team (than the cake). The main reason to be at this level is that attacks on staff are relatively slow. Fireb/flag light can’t match the special/elite that sucks well and fast, Bolt is excellent for snipe with its heavy but lighter than average imo. Light rays are normal for certain body shapes, and heavy rays are good against hordes.

All this is my opinion and is mainly based on Champ/Legend kilometres. I haven’t tried kata yet.

Share your opinion dawi!

The source: Initial reference

Career Message / Wep TiEr LiSt duh (long message) to play Hot Hammer: Fault.

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