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Call of duty: Warzone DEV ERROR 6068 Fixed


Activation/campaign of the military zone on duty

After the recent update of Call of Duty Warzone, some players see bugs that prevent them from entering the matches. One of the errors is the Warzone 5759 error, probably related to DirectX. We have some possible solutions to this problem, which will be discussed later in this article.

War Zone 5759Emergency fault

Error 5759 in the service area is due to DirectX. Microsoft DirectX is an application that allows you to play games with your video and audio devices. In this case, the question can be found on your computer’s graphics card.

Graphics Card Driver Update

The first step to solve this problem is to make sure that the drivers of your graphics card are fully updated. Depending on whether you have an NVIDIA or ATI card, the upgrade steps are slightly different.

For NVIDIA cards, open the GeForce Experience application and click on the driver tab. On this screen you will find the Update Driver button on the right. You can also go to this page and download the latest driver directly from the website.

For ATI cards, you can download the latest graphics card drivers from the official AMD website. You need to download the Radeon Graphics Drivers for Windows auto detection, which determine which graphics card you have and automatically download the required drivers.

After updating the drivers of the graphics card, you will need to restart your computer. You can then try logging in to Call of Duty Warzone to make sure the problem is solved. If you continue to receive an error, proceed to the next steps.

Downloading and installing shaders

After starting Warzone, you will see a text at the top of the screen describing how to download and install the shader packages. You must allow the download to complete, because it will affect the interaction of your graphics card with the game. Failure to complete the download may result in error 5759.

Digitization and repair of war zone

Then you can try to scan and repair Call of Duty Modern Warfare. You can do this with the client, where you run the Modern Warfare program. Choose Call of Duty : MW from the menu and press options. Select Scan and Restore from the equipment drop-down menu.

Your game continues and checks all files and makes sure everything is set correctly. If there are any mistakes, I hope they will be corrected from now on.

You can then try to start the game again. If this error repeats, you can try to reinstall Call of Duty: Modern warfare / Varzona to see if that solves the problem.



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