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Call of Duty Modern Warfare – What’s the DMR?

The call of duty in modern warfare was recently issued on the 25th. October 2019. Like the other games in the series, Modern Warfare has no shortage of weapons, from pistols to assault rifles and from assault rifles to shotguns. Players have already fought hard and tried to get results with different weapons to show off their skills.

One of the challenges is the Expert Gunsmith Challenge, where you have to perform 70 kills with 5 DMR attachments.

This has led to some confusion. Which modern weapons of war are actually classified as DMR? DMR weapons, why don’t they have five mounting slots?

First of all, it may be useful to know that DMR stands for Designated Marxman rifle. To finish the game, you have to use a Marxman rifle.

Weapons that qualify as DMR include

  • EPR-14
  • Kar98k
  • MK2
  • And surprisingly, an East German sniper…

When you start using DMRs, you’ll see that they don’t have 5 slots to invest in. That’s because you open it when you lift the gun. As soon as you reach level 13 with a weapon, all 5 extensions are unlocked.

Remember that a bonus slot machine is not considered an attachment, so run it without a bonus to end the call.

Choosing the right DMR for the Expert Gunsmith Challenge ultimately depends on your playing style and preferences.

The RBE-14 does a lot of damage, so you can kill someone with two direct shots or a bullet in the head. But that’s because of the strong recoil and the terrible tremor.

Kar98k and MK2 weapons usually kill with one shot when you’re at medium range and two shots at extreme range. However, they are both rather slow and unreliable when it comes to a close-up fight.

The HDR is essentially the same as the .50 caliber sniper rifle. As with other sniper rifles, aiming takes a long time after the sprint, so it’s best to use them if you have a high altitude and a good range.

Hopefully this article will help to clarify what kind of weapons DMR is in modern warfare and how to use them for the Expert Gunsmith Challenge.



 mk2 carbine,get 70 kills with 5 attachments on a lmg

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