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Breaking: Elvinelol / Thomas Cheung, a member of the Hi-Rez studios, arrested in child sex sting

In the Super Bowl on Sunday, the baby bite operation is finally over. Of the 21 men arrested, none other than Thomas Cheung of High Rez Studio was arrested. Thomas Cheung previously worked for CCP Games on EVE Online and has contracts with popular game companies such as NZXT, who have stated that they are not associated with him and have condemned this behavior, and Steelseries, who has admitted that it is no longer associated with the brand, but has not yet made any further statement. (tweets down)

It is a mockery of a community of players where he had many hands and wore many hats over the years. Although they are only now suspects, these accusations are very strong.

(Editor’s note) It’s very close to home because we’re literally outside Georgia. Dot Matrix Media, Game Truth’s parent company, strongly condemns such conduct and is shocked and dismayed that such conduct could exist in our community or any other community. We are grateful for the work done by the audit services and believe that our legal system will address this issue in a fair and appropriate manner.

Update: Thomas Cheung / Elvinelol was fired by Hi-Rez, and we received a request from a former employer (apparently an entrepreneur) of CCP Games, the producer EVE Online. The statements are as follows. There is no evidence that a company related to Elvinelol or a sponsor of Elvinelol was involved in the behavior or actions of Thomas Cheung.

HiRezStew is the current CEO of Hi-Rez Studios.

Very good NZXT. It gives me a warm and soft feeling inside.

They don’t support or sponsor anymore, but that’s all they’ve been able to say since the release.

Application for handheld computers

The GBI Task Force has recently announced that 21 arrests have been made in relation to a group that allegedly negotiated sex with a minor. Between 20 and 55 people have been arrested – from health officials to employees of grocery stores.

A number of reactions to Chung’s arrest on this subject have been tweeted. See below.

Operation Interception, which lasted several months, was aimed at arresting
people who communicate online with children, have open conversations of a sexual nature and then go to a meeting with them to have sex.

As reported at the time of release, the prisoners had open sexual conversations with those they considered to be children, and most of the prisoners visited the child to have sex.

Thomas Cheung, one of the people arrested during a beekeeping operation, works as a community expert at Alfaretta, a Georgian studio in High Rees. Cheung is also a fan of vibration music, and he became famous on the internet thanks to his character of Elvin, the gold-digging wizard. The full list of suspects arrested in a bite operation is given below. It is important to remember that these are suspects who are innocent until proven guilty.

  • Nicholas Alexander Bowen, B/M, Chumbley, Georgia, 29, driver, who separates the journey and delivers the car.
  • Thomas Cheung, 32, Alpharetta, Georgia, employee of a game studio.
  • Yeshua Elijah Collins, B/M, Suvanni, Georgia, 22, deli.
  • James Tunde Fadei, B/M Litonia, GA 55, unemployed.
  • Walter Gonzalez-Amaya, H/M, Norcross, GA, 22, maintenance personnel
  • Larry Allen Gordon, B/M, Hamptons, Georgia, 31, fast food assistant.
  • Zachary Tai Gurdin, B/M, Conley, GA, 28, crane operator.
  • Dylan Michael Graham, V/M, Silver Creek, Georgia, 27, elevator mechanic.
  • Richard Jason Hyder, W/M, Elizabethton, TN, 41, asphalt crush.
  • Mitchell Allen Kennedy, W/M, Brooklyn, New York, 24, creative assistant in a software company.
  • Rahim Lalani, V/M, Birmingham, AL, 26, unemployed.
  • Marco A. Mendoza Escalante, C/M, Riverdale, GA, 20 years old, installation technician.
  • Darwin Menjivar-Fernandez, f/m, Powder Springs, Georgia 22, valet.
  • Juan Valencia-Patino, C/M, Jesup, GA, 22, student.
  • Juan Manuel Sanchez, M/M, Woodstock, GA, 25, auto mechanic.
  • Junior Cornelius Timothy, M/M, Atlanta, GA 25, restaurant waiter
  • Oscar Ramirez, Mama, Atlanta, Georgia, 39, master builder.
  • Dylan Golding Wynot, U.M., Kennesaw, J.A., 32, Health Care Code of Conduct.
  • Kyle A. Williams, BM, Stone Mountain, J.A., 32, warehouse clerk.
  • Robert Tyler Wilson, B/M, Canton, Georgia 31, Automotive Service Technician.
  • Tarno M. Walters, B.M., Lawrenceville, J.A., 22, store clerk.

The full report on the publication of the GBI can be found below.

Brookhaven, Georgia (4 February 2019). – Following a proactive and covert investigation by the Georgia Internet Crimes Task Force (ICAC), CEACC, Brookhaven Police Department, DeCalb County Prosecutor’s Office, and the United States Marshal Service Task Force to investigate crimes related to the escape from the southeast of the United States over a five-day period beginning Wednesday, September 30, 2019, 21 people were arrested. The detainees are charged with trafficking for the purpose of labour or sexual slavery under C.C.G.O. 16-12-100.2, the Computer or Electronic Pornography and Prevention of Exploitation of Children Act 2007 and/or C.C.G.O. 16-5-46. Additional costs may be charged and arrests made.

Operation Interception targeting Brookhaven, DeCalb County, Georgia. The planning of the operation took several months. Most of those arrested between the ages of 20 and 55 left the neighbourhoods around the capital Atlanta with the intention of meeting a child for sexual purposes. Several persons suspected of possession of illegal drugs have been arrested. During the operation, 24 digital cameras were seized and processed as evidence.

The purpose of the surveillance was to stop people who communicate with children online, have frank conversations of a sexual nature and then go to a meeting with them to have sex. In addition, this operation was aimed at those who were willing to exploit children by buying sexual services with a minor. Internet child molesters visit chat rooms and websites on the Internet, find children, start talking to them, present sexual content to them and finally arrange a meeting with children to have sex. Children who are attacked by these predators are both boys and girls. Since 2014, the ICAC Working Group has arrested more than 130 persons in Georgia in similar operations.

Proactive real-time research is a coordinated effort of the law enforcement agencies involved to combat this activity. Brookhaven Police Alert Potential Predators: Our message is simple: If you think you are coming to Brookhaven to meet a child for sexual purposes, you will probably find us. This behaviour will never be tolerated here. Acting Special Agent and Commander of CIAC Task Force Georgia Debbie Garner: Brookhaven Police is one of our most active members. We appreciate their daily efforts to combat child exploitation. This form of collaboration is invaluable in protecting our children from predators who want to harm them. This successful operation was the result of a genuine partnership between all the institutions involved. We continue to work determinedly to protect our children.

In the course of the monitoring operation, the CICC working group in Georgia carried out proactive and covert online research using websites known to be used to promote the sex industry. As a result of the investigations carried out in these facilities, the investigators made an arrest.  This arrest had a financial component and the detainee was accused of trafficking for the purpose of providing sexual services to minors. This is a significant decrease compared to similar transactions in the past.

Prior to the LIII Super Bowl, intensive media campaigns were conducted to deter those who wanted to buy sex with a minor. In addition, law enforcement agencies, non-profit organisations and organisations assisting victims of trafficking in human beings have made enormous efforts to raise public and industry awareness of the indicators on trafficking in human beings. This may be one of the reasons for the decrease in demand for these specific items during a monitoring mission.

Researchers also conducted proactive undercover research, using adult applications often used to find accidental sexual partners. Researchers made 20 arrests as a result of the use of standard dating and social networking applications. Prisoners have had open conversations of a sexual nature with persons considered to be children, and most have visited the child to have a sexual relationship. Although in some of these cases a monetary component was present, in most cases a monetary component was missing.

Although some websites only advertise for adults, it is not uncommon for law enforcement to work with cases where children visit these sites, create profiles that pretend to be older, and are then vulnerable to victimization, harassment, extortion, or abuse. Several subjects have been identified who communicate simultaneously with several researchers who claim to be minors. These activities confirm what researchers find in this type of research: that many predators specifically look for minors on these websites to prepare them for becoming potential victims of sexual activity. This is a daily threat to children, and ICAC’s Georgian Working Group continues to carry out such surveys on a daily basis throughout the state of Georgia.

More than 63 cases were identified during the operation and the threshold for arrest was reached. Twenty-one of these cases led to arrests. In a multi-day operation, researchers carried out nearly 200 exchanges with test subjects on various social networks or Internet platforms. Many of these conversations were exchanges in which the person came into contact, and even after he/she discovered that he/she was talking to a minor, the conversation turned into sex. In some of these cases, the subject has introduced obscene material, often exposing a minor (law enforcement agency) to pornography or encouraging a child to take nude or pornographic photographs for him or her.

In addition to the entities involved in the planning and coordination of the operation, 22 other law enforcement agencies participated in the monitoring operation as members of the Georgian ICAC Working Group. These desks were:

  1. Barthou County Sheriff’s Office
  2. Cobb County Sheriff’s Office
  3. Columbus Police Station
  4. Police Container Control Division
  5. Coweta County Sheriff’s Office
  6. DeCalb County Sheriff’s Office
  7. Federal Bureau of Research – Working Group Comparison
  8. Floyd County Police Department
  9. Forsythe County Sheriff’s Office
  10. GBI-Georgian Centre for Combating Cybercrime (GBI-G3C)
  11. GBI-Georgia Information Exchange and Analysis Centre (GBI-GISAC)
  12. Department of Public Control of Georgia
  13. Glynn County Police Station
  14. Gwyneth County Sheriff’s Office
  15. HallCounty Sheriff’s Office
  16. Lilburn Police Station
  17. Marietta Police Station
  18. Mississippi Analysis and Information Centre (MARIC)
  19. Police Station
  20. Savannah Police Station
  21. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, National Security Investigations
  22. Woodstock Police Department

The Georgia Information Exchange and Analysis Centre (GBI-GISAC) typically provides various analysts to manage intelligence functions during ICAC Task Force operations. This week GBI-GISAC worked in numerous support units throughout the city in preparation for the LIII Super Bowl, and had a limited number of staff dedicated solely to interception. The GBI-GISAC has asked the Mississippi Merger Center to help resolve staffing issues and provide effective support for all efforts. Specialist analysts from the Mississippi Police Department, GBI-GISAC and Brookhaven worked side by side to meet the intelligence and unit identification needs of the Task Force.

During the operation, the Brookhaven police used licence plate reader (LPR) technology to detect previously identified predators more quickly when they reach the city limits. Through the collaboration with Georgia Power and Vigilant Solutions, the Brookhaven Police Force has almost 50 real-time cameras throughout the city. Using this technology, our officers were alerted when an identified target entered the city, which helped them make their final arrest, said Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandura..

The following persons were arrested and charged in DeCalb County during the eavesdropping operation:

  1. Nicholas Alexander Bowen, Chumbley, Georgia, 29 years of age, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver, driver.
  2. Thomas Cheung, A/M, Alfaretta, Georgia, 32 years old, Game Studio Staff
  3. Yeshua Elijah Collins, B/M, Suvanni, Georgia 22, Delhi Scribe
  4. James Tunde Fadei, B/M Litonia, GA 55, unemployed
  5. Walter Gonzales-Amaya, M/M, Norcross, Georgia, 22, Technical Officer
  6. Larry Allen Gordon, B/M, Hamptons, Georgia 31, employee of a fast food restaurant
  7. Zachary Tai Gurdin, B/M, Conley, GA, 28, crane operator
  8. Dylan Michael Graham, V/M, Silver Creek, Georgia, 27 years old, lift mechanic.
  9. Richard Jason Hyder, W/M, Elizabethton, NL, 41, asphalt breaker
  10. Mitchell Allen Kennedy, W/M, Brooklyn, New York, 24, Creative Assistant, software company
  11. Rahim Lalani, V/M, Birmingham, AL, 26 years old, unemployed
  12. Marco A. Mendoza Escalante, V/M, Riverdale, Georgia, 20, sidewalk
  13. Darwin Menjivar-Fernandez, f/m, Powder Springs, Georgia 22, Restaurant Server
  14. Juan Valencia-Patino, H/M, Jesup, GA, 22, student
  15. Juan Manuel Sanchez, M/M, Woodstock, GA, 25, Auto Mechanic
  16. Junior Cornelius Timoteus, V/m, Atlanta, GA 25,Restaurant Server
  17. Oscar Ramirez, V/M, Atlanta, Georgia 39, Master of Works
  18. Dylan Golding Wynot, V/M, Kennesaw, Georgia, 32 years, Behavioral Health Manager
  19. Kyle A. Williams, B/M, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 32 years old, employee of camp.
  20. Robert Tyler Wilson, B/M, Canton, Georgia 31, Automotive Service Technician
  21. Tarno M. Walters, B/M, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 22 years old, shop assistant.

Matters are handled by the DeCalb County District Attorney’s Office. We commend this Task Force for its vigilance and proactive efforts to protect our children, said Sherry Boston, prosecutor of DeCalb. Those who drive out our most vulnerable should be held accountable for their actions. We will soon work on a formal indictment with the ultimate goal of prosecuting the accused in the interest of justice for these monstrous crimes.

The Georgia ICAC Task Force consists of more than 230 local, state and federal police stations, other related police stations and prosecutors. The mission of the ICAS Task Force, established by the U.S. Department of Justice and led and managed by the GBI in Georgia, is to assist state and local law enforcement agencies in developing an effective response to cyberbullying and child pornography. This support includes forensic and investigative components, training and technical assistance, victim services, prevention and public information. The ICAC programme was developed in response to the increasing number of children and young people using the Internet, the spread of child pornography and the increasing activity of predators trying to make uncontrolled contact with young victims. By supporting national and local law enforcement agencies in developing effective and sustainable responses to online child victimisation and child pornography, ICAC provides national resources at the local level. The number of arrests by the CWC working group in Georgia has steadily increased in recent years. In 2014, the Georgian ICAC Working Group made 196 arrests. In 2015, the ICRC Working Party made 244 arrests in Georgia and in 2016, the ICRC Working Party made 340 arrests in Georgia. In 2017, the Georgian ICAC Working Group made 350 arrests. In 2018, the ICRC Task Force made 307 arrests in Georgia. Since its establishment in 2002, the ICRC Task Force has made more than 2 000 arrests in Georgia.




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