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Braton Prime Guide for 2020

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

The main weapon is the Braton Prime assault rifle.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020


Braton Prime is a variant of Braton Prime that retains most of its statistics with few changes.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

Broton Prime has the following basic statistics:


  • Accuracy: It’s exactly 28.6
  • Critical Chance: Seventeen percent chance of being hit by a critical strike. (12% for Braton)
  • Critical multiplication factor: In the case of critical shots, the shots are twice as harmful. (1.6 per Braton)
  • Burn rate: Fires approximately 9.58 shells per second. (8.75 for Braton).
  • Magazine: Productivity of 75 photos in each magazine.
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 2.2 seconds to restart the new protocol. (2 for Braton)
  • Status: Has a 26% chance of suddenly slowing down the status effect. (6% for Braton)
  • Trigger: Automatic – the gun keeps firing and firing when the trigger is pulled.
  • Type of damage: Transactions 1.8 Impact, 12.3 Failure and 21 Tire damage (7.9 Impact, 7.9 Failure and 8.2 Trajectory for Braton)

Broton Prime needs an 8. Rank in skills before it can be used by players and built on the drawings and Bounty details.


  • High degree of skin damage
  • Moderate damage as a result of a perforation
  • Moderate critical opportunity
  • an important opportunity
  • High intensity lighting
  • Good loading speed
  • 2 polarities
  • Good assortment
  • Accurate shots


  • Damage without major impact
  • Requires a Master’s title 8
  • Different formats are required
  • No natural risks


Broton Prime can be made with its designs and details, which can be obtained by opening relics or by trading with other players.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

They contain the drawing and the parts needed to produce Braton Prime:.

  • Drawing: Available: Meso R1, Axi K5, Axi L2,
  • Consolidated: Bed C3, Bed N3, Bed T2, Bed V3, Meso B2, Meso S9, Meso V1, Meso Z2, Asi C2, Asi C4, Asi N1, Asi V6.
  • Race:  Available : K2 bed,
  • Consolidated: Lith A1, Meso G1, Meso N3, Meso S5, Neo A1, Neo B5, Neo K2, Axi A3, Axi N6.
  • Receiver:  Available : K2 bed,
  • Violent: Lights B2, Lights P1, Axi N6, Axi V2, Axi V3, Axi V5
  • Shares: Available : Lith C4, Meso D3, Meso T1, Neo Z2, Axi A4,
  • Violent: Meso N1, Meso N5, Neo B2, Neo N4, Neo S10, Neo V2, Axi A1, Axi E2.

Building design

Braton Prime sports competitions have higher scores than the original competitions, and therefore better chances for criticism and status.

The capacity of the cartridges has been increased, allowing it to fire a large number of shots in addition to the high firing speed, which works well on various constructions.

It may take some time for Braton Prime to come into its own, but once completed, this weapon will be just as deadly for novice players as it is for others.

Below you will find some examples:

Buildings with serious injuries

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

With this building, but also with the breaking room and the armament of the Vigilante for multiple shootings, we contribute to the total damage to the weapons.

Vital Sense is added to increase the critical multiplication factor, as well as Point Strike to increase the critical probability of a weapon.

For elementary damage, we take 2 elementary damage modes and combine them to create another element whose damage is based on our basic damage statistics.

If we install Shred in the building, we get an even higher firing rate at the same time as the attack, so the bullets can penetrate the enemies and hit the people behind them.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

Government buildings

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

In front of our building, the Braton Prime Status, we kept the hunt, self-defense weapons, split camera and shredder for our lead roles.

The four additional models in the assembly increase the elemental damage and status opportunities.

This building focuses on the use of status and elementary damage to kill enemies.

The combination of elements can be changed by changing 4 element damage and status modes.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

Head drawing

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

This build is a modified version of the one above, but we exchange lynch weapons for Argonne Scape.

This makes it possible to use the buffer used in argon, which offers a greater chance of receiving a critical blow in the event of a headbutt.

This assembly uses a favorite to handle critical and head shots while winning the Argon Scope favorite.

Although it requires some precision, it rewards the damage and is useful for quickly cutting off enemies.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020

These are not the only models available for Braton Prime, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Braton Prime is an excellent weapon for beginners because it is quite easy to buy and not as expensive as it is bought from players.

The damage may seem small, but if you notice the basic damage and how it can be increased, depending on the mods it is equipped with, there is great potential for the user.

Not only does she have a good firing rate and magazine capacity, but she also has a good chance of getting reviews and a good status that allows her to process a huge amount of money from one or both boys.

Whether semi-automatic, burst or automatic, the Braton Prime may be old-fashioned, but it’s a solid piece if it’s modified and used properly.

Braton Prime Guide for 2020



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