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Borderlands 3 – How to get Lucian’s Assault Rifle call

You want Lucian’s call, but you don’t know where the farm is for him? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Border Areas 3 – how to get an assault rifle Luciana

What’s Lucian’s call?

Lucian’s reputation is that of a legendary orange assault rifle in the border country. This is one of the best weapons you can get in the game, and you can rely on these weapons when fighting bosses or when playing Massacre Circle in the Mayhem 2 or Mayhem 3 difficulty levels. What’s so special about Lucian’s call? The first is the shooting speed and the second is a bonus if you get 2 balls into the warehouse and bounce 2 balls from your next opponent. So you have unlimited ammunition, while you can hit the critical points of your enemies. If you’re an Fl4K user, you have a critical build, this is the weapon for you.

Let’s look at the description of Lucian’s reputation. I’ve got one that deals with fire damage, but you can get it with other things, too.

  • Manufacturer: Vladof
  • Damage: 368 (depending on the level)
  • Exactly: 72%
  • Treatment : 58%
  • Charging time: 3.8s
  • Fire rate: 10.67/sec
  • Log size : 60
  • Text in red : What’s going on?

Where can I find Lucian’s call?

Updated: You can now receive Lucian’s call from Blue Fire. Blue Fire is one of the two Slaughterstar 3000bosses. At the end of the Boyney 3000 there are two cartridges: Blue light and red rain. The blue light brings Lucian’s call down, and the red rain brings Rowan’s call down.

Lucian’s call is a global catastrophe, which means he can be received from anywhere. But there are certain enemies or bosses in the game that have a higher drop rate. These are the best places for the farm Zov Luciana:


You can ferment Dinklebot in the Skywell-27 (Prometheus) to get Loot-O-Gram . Try to get a bunch of O-gram prey and then give them to Earl (Eridium vendor) in the sanctuary. Remember, the Dinklebot doesn’t spawn every time. If you can’t find it, just go to the main menu and start again. The Loot-O-Grams will fall every time you kill him. Here’s a video showing Dinklebot’s location:


Graveward is one of the best bosses you can use in the game for the legendary robbery. If you have problems with TVHM and Mayhem 2-3, you will make a legendary trap every time. And if you’re lucky, he can even drop three or four legends at once. This boss has a better sink rate than Tyrins’ Destroyer.


Another way to receive Lucian’s call is a miniboss in Athens, Chupacabratch. If you’re already in the HST, you shouldn’t have a problem with a few tries.

Hoarder’s Dink

You can also place the basket Hoarder Tink in the domain of Jakobs on Eden-6. Now many of you can say that Gearbox has already fixed the Tinkerbell fairy and that it doesn’t happen every time. In fact, Hoarder Tink has found a way to reproduce every time. Simply start Borderlands 3 via Epic Launcher without internet connection. If you didn’t know that, you need an internet connection to run Epic Games Launcher, but you don’t need an internet connection to play Borderlands 3. Without the internet, the game will start locally, and that’s what you want. In stand-alone mode, the trash will be launched each time. End the ringer, exit the main menu, start again, repeat.

When you’ve finished working with the Farm, you can activate your internet connection and update your Epic Launcher by visiting the Shop page, so you won’t have any problems storing data in the cloud.

[Note: We strongly advise you to make a backup of your stored files. You can find your Bl3 here: My Documents/My Games/Areas Cross Border 3/Save/Save Games. Just copy the whole folder into SavedGames and paste it in another location].

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