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Borderlands 3 – How to get a shotgun from Brainstormer

Want to know more about the Brain Stormtrooper shotgun? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Boundary areas 3 – How to get a Brainstorm shotgun

Brainstorm – Description

2. Brainstorm is a legendary rare or orange shotgun in border areas 3. It’s a really useful weapon to have at hand and it does a pretty good job. Although weapons can have different prefixes, the Brainstormer comes only with element shock . What’s so special about this legend? It’s a Hyperion weapon, so you get shields when you aim, and it’s automatic. But he doesn’t shoot as fast as the Butcher. But the peculiarity of Brainstormer is that when you shoot an enemy with this weapon, it catches the lightning of nearby enemies. This allows you to remove the shields of large groups of enemies at once when they’re close together. Lightning is also clinging to the walls. These weapons are extremely useful for killing enemies will be blue health bars.

Let’s take a look at the description of the Brain Stormtrooper. I have a subsidized brainstorm (level 50):
[Note: All statistics below relate to Brainstorm Subsidised Stormtrooper only. They may be different [

  • Manufacturer: Hyperion
  • Too bad: 254×7
  • Exactly: 62%
  • Treatment : 63%
  • Charging time: 3.5s
  • Fire rate: 2.48/sec
  • Log size : 13
  • Text in red : Let’s put our heads together.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Updated: The location of the Brainstormers’ accident has now changed. You can now think of Katagawa Ball You can find the Katagawa Ball on Skywell-27. This weapon is not an exclusive Mayhem 4 and can be developed in any complexity.

Gearbox launched its monthly event in October at Borderlands 3 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series. Let’s look at the event first:

  • Week 1 (1 to 7 October) – Bonus Chef Place
  • Week 2 (8-14 October) – Breeding Rare Animal Hunting
  • Week 3 (15-21 October) – Show me Eridium.
  • 4. week (22-28 October) – Twitter defeat
  • Week five (29 October – 4 November) – Terrible survival (bloody harvest)

The gearbox was added during the 1. week, the Brainstormer was added as bonus to the Luot-Pool KillaVolt. If you don’t know who KillaWolt is, he’s the boss of Lectra City. To unlock Lectra City, you must take part in a parallel quest called Kill Killavolt of the Meridian subway on Prometheus. Once you have unlocked the Killavolt, you can continue growing it for a good harvest. Here’s a video of a brainstorming shotgun that fell on me:

Now there’s a problem: These weapons are only available in Killwalt during the first week of the event. When the first week is over, no one knows where the gun is going or who will drop it. Brainstorming can turn into a global crash or turn into a puddle of looting from other bosses. If you buy this item after the 7th. Read October, then quit farming. We will update the location of Shock Soldier Brainiac as soon as we have a new location from 8 o’clock. October to find out the exact location.

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