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Borderlands 3 – How to get a pack of early adopters

Borderlands 3 already offers players many rewards, and the Early Adopter Pack is one of them. Discover how you can benefit from an early adoption package? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Boundary areas 3 – how to get a package of early adopters

What is an early adoption package?

The Early Adoption Package is a Borderlands 3 award that you can receive for free if you have a Borderlands 3 pre-order and participate in a specific Borderlands 3 Vault Insider program or VIP event. With an early adopter kit you will indeed get quite a few rewards. The things you get:

  • Children in storage weapons
  • Leather for your Echodevice
  • 5 Gold key

How do I get an early adoption package?

It’s pretty easy to get a package. As long as you’ve pre-ordered Borderlands 3, which I’m sure you did, you can get it easily. Here’s the thing:

  • See the actions in the border areas of the Inside Camp 3 programme.
  • Login with your Shift account
  • Scroll down until you see Bid for pre-order.
  • You can see the instructions below
  • If you have an order for border zone 3, skip step 1.
  • Fill in the short survey form in step 2.
  • As soon as the investigation is completed, a check mark will appear at step 2.
  • Now only works for Borderlands 3
  • come into play
  • Change towards the social
  • Open your mailbox and you will see your reward waiting for your turn.

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