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Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

As a fan of stealth games, my goal has always been to introduce this genre to my friends.

It not only offers a very dynamic gameplay and an action-packed story that will surely interest even the less convinced, but it also serves as a showcase for what stealth should be.

It’s not slow or boring, just because it’s not about blowing up alien brains.

On the contrary, there are few things that can pump your blood as barely slipped guards ready to blow your skull off if they smell you like that.

It’s the only covert franchise that even Metal Gear Solid can match in terms of quality and innovation – and I’m not saying that lightly.

So if you’re a fan of the genre, striving for good old-fashioned sneaky action, or you’re just a beginner trying to see that all your pseudo-intellectual friends are so insistent in their efforts, here’s a full review of all Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell games ever released.

7. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell: Letters of Accreditation (2006)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

While I appreciate the PSP and the quality of the games in the system’s registry, here are some of the worst attempts to transfer the AAA experience to a handheld device.

Essentials was designed by Ubisoft Montreal and released simultaneously with Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double agent as escort, as AC: The blood was for Assassin’s Creed II.

SC: The need for this was felt immediately after the events with the double agent, as Sam Fisher was taken into custody by the US authorities and questioned about the events.

Each level is actually a flashback when he tells his story for an interview.

The fact is that although the levels mainly regroup missions of the three previous games, they are , moving of all colors and pleasures.

Not only that, but also the control – one of the worst I’ve ever seen in a stealth game – and I played the original MMS.

6. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell: Double agent (2006)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

It should be noted that two versions of the double agent have been developed by different teams. One for Xbox 360 and PS3 and one for GameCube and Wii.

Since the Nintendo version is an unfortunate mess, I will focus on the Xbox and PS versions.

After he learned that his daughter had been murdered, Sam Fisher fell into a deep depression.

Until he was contacted to take on a new mission: infiltrate a terrorist organisation and work as a double agent to make it disappear from the inside.

This game has been strongly criticized for its probably less mysterious approach and the surprising absence of HUD. But even then, it wouldn’t be fair to call it a bad game.

Despite these minor flaws, the game is the most exciting franchise story. It develops Sam’s character and allows players to express themselves about the story as they perform tasks.

But I have to say… what’s the point of forcing you to join a criminal organization if your employers lose confidence in you if you’re just trying to keep your cover? Motherfuckers.

5. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell: Conviction (2010)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

If the double agent strayed a bit from the game, his retinue threw him completely out the window.

Ubisoft Montreal, who was stuck in hell for several years, has finally released a new chapter in the story of Sam Fisher, in which he beat a lot of people to get his daughter, who has now been kidnapped.

Unlike previous games that require levels to go unnoticed, Conviction not only allows to pass , but also encourages to participate in total shootouts, leaving a trail of corpses worthy of John Wick.

It is a very good third-person shooter with an exciting story. But it’s hard to call it a classic Splinter Cell game.

4. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell (2002)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

The original Splinter Cell on Xbox and PS2 surprised the stealth genre.

And for a while it was even better than the established MMS franchise.

Gameplay is not only incredibly fluid, but also dynamic, with incredible perspective and responsive control, as well as a variety of creative stealth mechanisms, such as explosions of light to slip under the cover of darkness.

It was also more accessible to Western fans than the MGS, because the story of black agent Sam Fisher, who was hunting a Russian plutocrat, was easier to understand than the deep metaphor of the first, certainly more Japanese story.

There was also a pretty solid GBA port, everything worked out.

3. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell: The Pandora of Tomorrow (2004)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

A few years later, Ubisoft Shanghai took everything that made the original splinter cell work to the next level with Pandora Tomorrow. Who happens to have the most 007 sounding name in the show.

The story that follows Sam’s methodical dismantling of an Indonesian anti-separatist militia planning a biological terrorist attack has nothing to write home about, but the varied environment, including bases deep in the jungle, manages to keep it interesting.

Unfortunately, the design of the game levels is too linear. It’s always fun to play, but it’s noticeable.

Combined with a seemingly stupid enemy AI, the new mechanisms, such as whistling to attract the guard’s attention, can’t really shine.

2. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell: Chaos Theory (2005)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

I would say that the best thing Pandora Tomorrow has done is to be a stepping stone to the next game in the series, a true masterpiece of stealth – Tom Clancy’s splinter cell: Chaos theory.

The game doubles the stealth component by giving Sam new skills, such as the ability to determine the amount of sounds he makes in relation to his environment, and also sets new challenges that make these skills vital for the agent.

In addition to the most complicated camouflage mechanisms, the game allows you to choose the load for your bet.

And it offers correctly many freedoms to take the steps and achieve your goals.

Just make sure you never play the NDS port.

1. Tom Clancy’s Broken Cell: Black list (2013)

Best Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Games: Every Title in the Series

I know what you’re thinking.

What? A blacklist on chaos theory? Is he a bald maniac?

The fact is, I want as many players as possible to try it out.

At the same time, the blacklist is the most accessible and attractive publication in the entire franchise.

Ubisoft Toronto did a great job with the action-oriented belief games and reintroduced all the stealth mechanisms that are part of Splinter Cell’s personality.

You can choose how you want to handle any situation, whether you’re a silent killer or a violent maniac.

What’s more, gameplay is the most fickle of all time. And the graphics are still beautiful after so many years.

Maybe if enough people buy this game on PSN or the Xbox Live market, who knows? Maybe Ubisoft will eventually decide to continue the series.



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