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Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)

There’s nothing like a new game soundtrack.

Players may agree that the developers go to a lot of trouble to prepare the stage for your playing time.

Pokémon Franchises have a particularly interesting history with their soundtracks. It is quite surprising to see what composers have achieved with the limitations of all portable devices.

To this day, many of these songs – even those older than 20 years – have remained recognizable to almost everyone.

It’s amazing how some of the most remarkable songs leave a lasting impression, especially when many of them are only played for a few minutes in the course of history.

Fight music is often short-lived, but has a lasting effect. But because these are the most important moments in the game, they have a significant impact on the coaches. This includes my 10 favorite background music fighting games from the series.

10. Second Dark Matter Battle (Super Mystery Dungeon)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


It would be unfair if Secret Dungeon’s name wasn’t on that list.

Despite the fact that their vibrations are very different from the rest of the series, they have a deep plot and a fantastic soundtrack.

As these games are closer to the traditional genre 1, where one works with partygoers, it is appropriate that the music is more in line with the general medieval atmosphere of the quests. It’s different, but welcome.


9. Legendary image of the Pokémon (diamond / pearl)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


With the introduction of Ace in Pokémon, it has become a little more interesting in the Pokémon universe.

Although the plot of the game has always been mature, I think the Shinno region was really revolutionary in terms of more advanced philosophical issues.


The theme of the battle between Diyalka and Palkia is quite unique. Instead of the hurried and hectic traditional music, this piece is more of an omen and a mystery.

8. Stroke! Zinnia (omega ruby/alpha sapphire)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


It is a kind of epic fighting music, as you would expect from a dragon trainer theme.

The battles with Zinnia are part of the struggle to save humanity from total destruction.


In that sense, we really need a battle theme as dramatic and scandalous as possible. The music of the orchestra, constantly accumulating and rejoicing and rushing…

7. Battle of the Shadows (Voice of Darkness)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


It’s one of many underestimated Pokémon games that really deserves to be re-released.

Pokémon XD has excellent gameplay, a great story, and incredible music.


The name Gamecube was accompanied by a rather rich music and a rather dark and mature game theme. Because the fight between the coach and Shadow Lugia was one of the decisive moments of the game, the music was at the right moment.

6. Gymnastics and Elite 4 Director (Pikachu/Avy)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


Beating the leaders of the gym and entering Elite 4 is a fairly important achievement in any Pokémon game.

These secret battles must be surrounded by drama, excitement and action as you try to make your way to the top.


Their importance was underlined not only by Kutavas and dramatic scenes, but also by an emblematic song that led to an updated version of Vs. The battle music of the carriage.

This version is always designed to play more extreme and faster. Even if I like my retro hits, I have to say I’m a fan of the new versions playing like an orchestra.

5. Main slaughterers (X/Y)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


I remember my first contact with the elite four when I was a kid and I finally managed to break through to this unexpected champion.

It should have been clear, but my child didn’t expect it, and the music only added to the drama and horror of the situation.


Between the titles these main themes can be easily compared, the martial arts music champion is no exception.

The X and Y versions are more modern, and I think this updated music really reflects the moment.

4. Skull combat command (Sun/Luna)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


Franchise Pokémon has always produced hilarious and almost pathetic villains.

The Skull team was especially satisfied because the clubs were too recognizable as.

Her sharp theme, every time you fought her, really helped create her hooligan imitator personality.


The rugged track praises their outfits and the attempt to create atmosphere, and adds an element of humor given the contrasting personalities that the grunter had.

3. Stroke! Ho-Oh (golden heart)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


I really like the game remakes for 3DS Gold and Silver.

The updated graphics and remastered music made the cult games really good.

I refrained from over-representing this title in the list and decided to limit the number of legendary meetings to one.


Just like the theme of Lugia in the partner games, it is a dark, scary and quite beautiful song.

Combined with the excellent graphics and brilliant animations that accompany the remake, the whole scene is made for a great view.

What gives the ho-oh-melody extra points are the subtle Asian instruments that make this song truly unique.

2. Stroke! N Screen theme (black and white)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


N was an important part of the black and white games. It’s a controversial element that really convinced me that Pokémon attract their audiences at a slightly older age than the people who honour them.

This great song is a disturbing and inspiring song; ideal for a serious fight.


I will definitely make a comparison with this title and some of the subjects of the Undertaleboss.

The fast tempo of the song wasn’t what I really expected given the previous battle music, but it was perfect for a great game.

1. Fighting for first place in the gym (red/blue/yellow)

Best Pokémon Battle Music Songs (All Games)


This music has defined a generation of players and is one of the most popular titles.

The music that was played when we were fighting with the coaches was great.

But the original music of the gymnastics director gives it a whole new dimension. It was original, deep and serious to prepare for action.


This 8-bit performance also laid the foundation for countless gymnastics songs.

In addition to her powerful status in our favorite franchise, she also has these serious points of nostalgia that I can’t help but notice. Players – both retired and retired – can understand where all this is coming from.

No matter which game I play when I hear this title, I go back to the 1990s, when this quality of music was mainly music for video games. The ability to create such a legendary song with limited technology makes it even more impressive.



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