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Best MTG Podcasts for Improve, Win and Have Fun

Looking for high quality MTG podcasts? We selected the best of them. So you won’t get bored on the long roads. Moreover, you will greatly improve your skills with some of the best minds that magic has to offer.

Limited resources

Subject: Project, sealed.

Host: Marshall Sutcliffe, Louis-Scott Vargas.

Excellent podcast for quick alignment for your limited game. Focuses mainly on editorial work, but also produces episodes about sealing. The presenter is commentator and enthusiast Marshall Sutcliffe and one of the world’s largest VLT’s – Louis Scott-Vargas. If you haven’t heard of the LSV, it’s the Surname Hall with a 10 Pro Tour Top8 cocktail. Much of what they say can also be applied to the construction industry.

That’s what you can expect from limited resources:

  • Map evaluation
  • The best strategy for specific project formats
  • Guests of the professional magic scene
  • Mulligans to Limited
  • Buildings Waterproof bridges

Restrictions for men

Subject: Project, sealed.

Host: Ben Verne, Ethan Sachs.

Due to the limited resources, both beginners and experienced players have an excellent listening experience. However, Lords Limited focuses on the most competitive players. Players who want to use every advantage they can get.

They mainly focus on concept games at MTGO, but their advice would be useful in the arena and for paper designs.

They focus on every detail of the project format. You want to know the average strength and endurance of the creatures in the next sentence? Do you want to know how many different red flags have been removed? Listen to their pre-show. They make one for each new sentence. With this information you will definitely win.

PodcastArena Pullers Podcast

Subject: Standard, modern, inheritance

Host: Jerry Thompson, Brian Gottlieb.

Professional and platinum tournament champion Jerry Thompson is accompanied weekly by Brian Gottlieb to discuss the magic of construction, with an emphasis on standard and modern. They also include the latest MTG format, Pioneer.

They regularly discuss the card game they are going to play next weekend. Given the rapid evolution of meta-games in the standard, this is very useful. Even if you don’t choose this game, you know what to prepare for.

If you want to be ready for the next tournament, don’t miss this one.

Top Level Podcast

Subject: Standard, modern, inheritance

Host: Patrick Chapin, Michael J… Flores…

Innovator Patrick Chapin and one of MTG’s top theorists, Michel Flores, will talk about how you think you create Magic the Gathering. They find an amazing use in freshly spun Magic Cards and show an unshakeable optimism about new compositions.

The podcast is one of MTG’s most relaxed podcasts. A friendly joke between Patrick and Mike is fun. Sometimes they really open your eyes to your MTG knowledge. Because they are both old-fashioned wizards, you will also learn the history of magic. So if you like it, you should definitely listen to the top level podcast.

Brewery brainstorming

Subject: MTG finances, movies, random stories about anything and everything.

Host: Jason E. Alt, Corbin Hosler.

Permanent Proprietor: Douglas Johnson

Unlike the other MTG podcasts we’ve already mentioned, this podcast doesn’t make you the best magic player. However, you will learn that the murmurs in Modern are bad. Seriously, this is one of the best MTG Finance podcasts you can find.

They always make jokes and discuss random things, from travel stories to films that appeared twenty years ago. About 20-40% of the podcasts are still somewhat MTG-oriented, and there are some very good tips that make the game Magic more economical.

Keep in mind that their goal is not to make you rich by exchanging Magic cards. It’s more about saving money by playing on the decks you want. An example of this is our favourite podcast segment – The Choice of a Week. Each member of the cast recommends a card, which will soon become more expensive. So if you need it, you can get it before the price goes up.

We should also warn you that some of his jokes are probably better for a more mature audience.


Subject: MTG design, game design

Host: Mark Rosewater

Mark Rosewater, also known as Maro, is the head designer of Magic the Gathering. Besides his magic, he also does podcasting. He talks a lot about MTG – especially when it comes to design. Because he’s very busy, he does a podcast on his way to work. That’s how he got his name.

Have you ever wondered

  • How is an MTG card produced?
  • Why can’t red cards destroy the spell?
  • How do you build a new ensemble?
  • How do you make a good game?

Then this is an excellent podcast for you. You will also learn a lot of things that can be applied to the overall design of the game. However, since your only goal is to improve yourself at Magic, this is probably not the best podcast for you.

Field of study

Subject: Commander

Host: Jimmy Wong, Josh Lee Kwai.

For all fans of the Commander format, this is the best MTG podcast for you. For example, there are many different subjects:

  • Budget bridges
  • Food policy
  • Get a great playgroup
  • The playing style and strategy of the commander

As you can see, Jimmy and Josh certainly have something for every fan of The Commander.


If you want to improve this, you can also take a look at our 9 terrace design tips.

I hope you found your new favorite MTG podcast today. You may think we missed the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to let us know in the following remarks.

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Until next time I wish you a good day and always let you draw the perfect seven.



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