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Best MTG Card Sleeves-Get the sleeves that won’t be split.

You sit down to play the Magic game and start mixing. But, wait… one of your sleeves is torn again. But you bought them not so long ago. To avoid such situations, you want to have the best cases with MTG cards.

Today we will look at the top five MTG cases on the market. The two most important things we will focus on are the power and ease of mixing.

We are currently presenting the five best rounds on the market. The first option is the best budget option, followed by the old favourite. Then we end up with the three best rounds – so magical players fight over which one is really the best.

#5 Titanium glass sleeves

TitanShield is one of the top five cases because of its strength to value ratio. You get a very fair price for a tutu with 150 sleeves. The sleeves are among the strongest on the market. They hardly ever break up, but they’re not the best at mixing.

If you don’t care about the look and feel, but just want a blanket that will serve you almost forever and at a low price, then they are still a sensible choice.


  • extensively
  • inexpensive enough


  • black only
  • a little wider than the other sleeves, so dust can get in.
  • not very suitable for mixing

#4 KMC hypermat

The KMC Hyper MAT connections used to be among the best on the market. Lately there have been reports of loss of quality, putting them in fourth place.

They fit well in the hand and are ideal for single-sided cards. You can also insert a card with a double envelope with some difficulty.


  • the slides are very nice.
  • ideal for cards with a sleeve
  • the cards hardly ever stay together


  • some of the new games seem to be worse
  • After being stirred several times, the edges begin to crack slightly.
  • Slightly different dimensions from one package to another.

#3 Katana shell protection

In addition to the large covers, the Ultimate Guard also makes good runs. Catana’s sleeves are slightly newer than most sleeves on this list. You already have a pretty big fan of people who even claim that Katans are the best sleeves on the market.

It’s fair to say that our top three MTG card cases are virtually perfect. It’s hard to say which ones are really the best, but you won’t be disappointed by any of them.


  • an extraordinary feeling
  • ideal for brewing
  • different colors to choose from


  • after any use, bend the corners
  • Cards sometimes stick together
  • does not match the double-entry cards

#2 Ultra Pro Eclipse

Ultra-Pro sleeves used to be a real joke. They would even share some designs. They still make these sleeves and they’re cheap, if not more.

But their new Eclipse Pro high-sleeve mat is a big step in the right direction. They are very resistant compared to most other pods. Their best feature is the ease of mixing.

If you really like shuffling cards, these sleeves are for you.

Check the price of the Eclipse Ultra Pro on Amazon.


  • better brewing feeling
  • sustainable location
  • consistent value
  • doubles
  • different colors to choose from


  • they get dirty faster than the other sleeves.
  • The colour shades may vary slightly depending on the packaging.
  • The aluminium cards inside don’t look like much.

#1 Dragon Shield Matt

Finally, our first choice, the best MTG cardholder on the market, Dragon Shiled Matte. They’ll serve you for years to come. To be honest, we still have some dragon shields that we bought more than five years ago, and they work very well. Even if they get dirtier after such intensive use, you can easily clean them.

Moreover, the Dragon Shield has succeeded where others have failed. They manage to put works of art on their sleeves that don’t come loose. On Amazon you can view the different options.


  • the heaviest bushes on the market.
  • they come in different colours
  • you can attach artificial blankets.
  • OK to mix
  • Cards don’t stick together when they’re shuffled.
  • Excellent customer service, contact them if your sleeves are damaged and they will replace them.


  • If you play with two-way cards like the Delver or Secrets, you need the black version because others have a slightly transparent back.
  • a little more than other packages, which can be even worse if your cards aren’t double-wrapped.

Your favourite

I hope we helped you pick the right sleeves. Are you using yet? Tell us which ones are in the comments below.

If you’re looking for more magical accessories, you can learn about the best card games or the best ways to buy new players.

That’s all for today. Until next time, don’t make me break your sleeves.




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