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Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

In Minecraft, the equipment makes the player. At least that’s what they say.

Almost everything you do in the game can be made easier with the right tools. And who can forget the first time they finish setting the diamonds? These forgeries can help you find a job, but at some point in your mining career you start looking for the best you can do.

That’s where the charm comes from! Magic is a game mechanism that adds capabilities to yourequipment, and you can even apply multiple spells to a single item.

It’s fascinating to see that it’s generally not that difficult. For the use of begging books you usually need a begging table with shelves and/or an anvil. Buying the best equipment in Minecraft will be an adventure in itself, as you’ll have to grind and explore to get exactly the spells you need.

So this is my choice of the best charms, and those listed here are available whether you have Minecraft or not: Java Edition of Minecraft : The issue of the pedestal.

20. Explosion protection/fire protection

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Based on this list we have a double entry for two good shields.

Explosion protection reduces the damage caused by explosions and the distance beaten back; a spell you will want especially for creatures.

On the other hand, fire protection reduces the damage you suffer in the event of a fire and the duration of the fire. This charm gives you extra safety near the lava and the crowd of people you set fire to. Both spells have a maximum level of 4.

Fair warning: You cannot have and on the same reservation.

Moreover, these spells are mutually exclusive, including the Protect and Protect Spotlight spell. Don’t forget to choose what you need most, whether it’s crawling or sneaking around!

19. Wake up

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Then we have an armor spell! If you’re carrying thorn-shaped objects, you have the ability to damage the attackers you touch.

Do not forget that the gearbox loses its power if it is damaged in this way. The nice thing is that if you take damage from an attacker, all the equipment you have with spikes can do a single piece of damage – but only one of them loses its durability (randomly chosen).

Moreover, Thorns does not conflict with other stimuli and has a maximum of 3 stimuli.

They could be a tactical warhead, just to do some damage. Who would have thought that!

18. Aqua affinity

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks


Aqua Affinity is the first of the underwater wonders on this list.

Normally underwater mining takes times longer than on land.

Only the charm of this helmet (or the turtle, if you have one) completely cancels out this problem. Remember, it doesn’t work when you swim. However, the affinity with water is a major attraction for the quality of life in mining and underwater research.

17. Respiration

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Respiration is mandatory for anyone who wants to explore the ocean areas of Minecraft.

This magic increases the time you can breathe underwater from 15 seconds at each level to 45 seconds at level 3.

But, wait! And that’s not all!

Magic also allows you to prevent drowning if you accidentally run out of air. Don’t forget that this charm is an exclusive helmet (like Aqua Affinity).

Before you go on these diving excursions, it is imperative that you put it on your diving helmet. Enjoy life under water.

16. Rope depth

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Another element of our range of submarines is the Depth Strider, a charming shoe that allows you to increase your speed underwater.

On level 3 you can swim in the water as fast as you can when you can go ashore.

But it doesn’t affect how fast you can sink or collapse in the water. This charm is highly recommended for anyone who wants to explore an underwater wreck or ruin.

You can even wear it with your breathing helmet to use it twice.

15. Chance at sea

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Here we have the magic of the happiness of the sea. Now fishing is like a minigame in Minecraft, which with the right equipment and the right amount of time can be very profitable.

In that sense, happiness at sea makes the lake worthwhile.

This magic reduces your chances of catching waste and increases your chances of catching treasures per magic level (3 is the highest).

In general, this will help you catch more treasures, which may contain rare equipment or materials or even enchanted books. You have to put the happiness of the sea on your fishing rod if you really want to maximize your profits in the deep blue waves.

14. Ace

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

So here’s another one of Angel’s exclusive charms: Ace.

The charm of your rod with Lure reduces the time it takes to bite the fish on your fishing line by 5 seconds at each level.

Magic reaches level 3 with a total reduction of 15 seconds. Because this magic happens every time you ban your line, the more you are the fish that maximizes your time investment, the more valuable it becomes.

So if you want to get the most out of fishing, you absolutely must have a bait on your rod. With a little luck at sea, make it an even more profitable combination.

13. Sharpness

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Sharpness is a weapon pendant that can be used on swords and axes.

This is a fairly simple spell that increases the melee damage you treat with each hit and has a maximum spell level of 5 for a nice bonus.

It’s important to note: Do not grind objects that have all the magic of a blacksmith or the banana of arthropods.

Of these three, the Ostrota is generally the best deal for general use because it allows you to do more damage no matter what crowd you’re fighting.

12. Download

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Here we have a great exclusive sword charm for Mafia agriculture.

By killing monsters with a plundering sword, you’re more likely to get more loot and better drops, such as rare items and equipment (but not XP).

With a maximum charm level of 3, looting is mandatory for agricultural mafia drops!

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Marauding magic works as long as you hold the enchanted sword in your head while committing murder. This means that with a bow in your hand you can shoot at creatures that hold a looter’s sword in their head. The advantage is that you don’t exhaust the power of your enchanted sword.

11. Power

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Power is an onion version of Spicy’s charm.

This increases the damage caused by the arrows you are dealing with and the charm applies no matter how long your bow is loaded.

As with sharpness, the power has a maximum level of 5, so you end up with a very powerful arc. In Power III, you can kill most common enemy gang members with a fully charged shot.

10. Corresponds to

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

If you like reachable attacks, you’ll certainly like this: another bow spell.

For each hit level (up to a maximum of 2), enemies hit by an arrow are repelled by 3 additional blocks.

Because many crowds have to come close to you to hurt you, the punch is very useful to keep you at a distance and stay out of the way.

9. Direction of travel reversal

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks


Knockback is a screen version of Punch only.

Every time you hit something with a sword, push it back 3 blocks.

At level 2 maximum, this magic will beat you to 6 squares!

The sword is generally more common and easier to handle in tight spaces, so this charm is extremely useful in melee skirmishes.

8. Spring withdrawal

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Do you remember all those times when you worked in mining, research or construction somewhere high up in the sky.

Normally you stand on the edge in knee bends. But one mistake is enough to return to spawning.

This trap spell can help prevent such an outcome.

The pen tray is made of exclusive boots and it reduces the damage you can do with the pen. Well, the drop.

With a maximum of 4 and the ability to stack them with other protection spells, a pair of Autumn-Spring boots can really cushion any failed fall.

7. Side sensor

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Some of the blocks in Minecraft only fall off partially if you try to build them with regular tools (if available).

Think of pieces of melon, planks, clay, that sort of thing.

In general, you have to combine several elements to get the device you need in the beginning, which can be very annoying. The magic of Silk Touch makes it possible to collect blocks that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to collect, such as an intact melon or a piece of glowing stone.

You can use this spell on spades, spades and axes. The tab here is that Silk Touch does not work on everything, although it is often necessary to collect some very rare or special blocks.

Don’t forget that you can’t have Silk Touch and Fortune on the same product at the same time.

6. Assets

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Here we have another charm that focuses on looting. Aren’t they the best?

With the Fortune tool you have the possibility to get more drops after collecting the block.

Higher charm levels (max. 3) increase the number of extra drops you can get to make the most of these mountain hikes.

Just like Silk Touch you can hit Fortune with hoes, spades and axes.

As I said, Fortune and Silk Touch can unfortunately not be used on the same tools. But hey! These stimuli are so useful that you can think of having a tool with each of them.

5. Effectiveness

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

We now come to the great essence of charm.

Efficiency increases the speed at which your tools assemble the blocks.

You can hit any pickaxe, shovel, axe and even scissors up to level 5.

Efficiency only works with tools that are used on the right blocks (e.g. a mud shovel or ore collector). The fast extraction means you can get more blocks in less time, so it really helps you to be efficient during your Minecraft adventure above . Got it?

Make no mistake, your best tools must be effective!

4. Infinity

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Infinity is perhaps the best and most economical of onion charms.

It allows you to shoot arrows without consuming them, although you’ll need an arrow in your inventory to make it work.

In the latest versions of Minecraft, you can’t lie endlessly on an arch that’s already under repair, but you can add spells to other arches for really scary weapons.


What’s more, you can now take down the mafia for as long as you want (permanently, of course). In general, if you like arches, Infinity will save you a little hardware and storage space.

3. Protection

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

Defense exceeds my recommendations for defensive armor.

With a maximum level of 4, the protection increases the damage limitation of each shielding element.


This magic is incompatible with concepts such as protection against explosions, fire and grenades. But in general it is better everywhere, because the reduction concerns most types of damage (hunger not included).

Optimize your survival by enchanting your armor with today’s defense. Don’t wait until you’re in the crowd!

2. Mounting

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks

The Enchantment of Recovery restores sustainability with the help of the Orb of Experience.


Each time you hold or carry a repair product in your hand, test the falling balls to restore their durability rather than levelling them.

This charm will do wonders to extend the life of your equipment, especially since the experience is not that difficult.

You can also equip Mending with almost any type of equipment, making this charm much more valuable and customizable.

The main obstacle to hitting an object is that you can only find it in treasure chests, while fishing or trading.

1. Break

Best Minecraft Enchantments: The Top 20 Picks


The best Minecraft charm you’ve ever waited for: Pause.

With a maximum of 3, this spell can greatly reduce the chance that your items will lose their durability.

Continuity ensures that all these high-quality transmissions, which can be enchanted by , remain in use for much longer than .

And best of all, you can enchant any unbreakable device. There are no restrictions.

For even greater durability, you should consider a combination with repair. Now you can go to the next level and make it your final step!



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