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Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

Mario Kart N64 is the first game with a whole series of characters that follow in the famous footsteps of Mario Kart N64.

From the heavy butcher to the slippery toad, this game not only gave you the choice of who to play in the Mario universe, but also introduced the mechanic for heavy and light characters, which really influenced your choice of race.

While this list is subjective, of course, and you still get to choose your favourite character, this list shows the best characters from Mario Kart 64, so you can enter the tournament with the best chance of taking the lead.

8. Vario

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)


As the first heavyweight on the list, you’d think Wario’s bright yellow and purple outfit would be enough to scare the other riders and let you win easily.

But unfortunately that’s not the case. As proof that Wario is a very average runner who is not unique in statistics, Wario is at best an average runner.

With his frame, he can’t be as fast as some of the lighter characters on the list, and he struggles for a speed that breaks his neck thinking about the track.

He’s always a nice guy when you’re a fan.

7. Peach Princess

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)


Princess Peach, who is considered a light runner, is unfortunately also a light competitor of the rest of Mario Kart.

Of course this isn’t a bad choice for a beginner, because the Princess is able to accelerate quickly and with relative ease over the heavier riders on the track.

Although where it lacks – in its light structure and its ability to be pushed by the rest of the terrain.

If you’re unable to build up a solid lead early – easily compromised by the infamous blue flying fuselage – you’ll probably end up in a fight with all the other machines trying to break through.

These are situations where Peach is likely to bounce like a pinball machine and start spinning, putting you in a tough fight to stay competitive for the rest of the race.

6. Luigi

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

One of the most iconic characters in the Mario universe, Mario’s green big brother, fights for influence in this game.

Maybe he should stick to vacuum cleaners in haunted houses, because Luigi tends to have his boss everywhere if you’re not careful.

But where Luigi really thrives is at in the tight corners of the with its excellent handling.

With its acceleration, this means it’s not the worst option for a banking session with friends. But it may be suitable for a certain type of player who is struggling through corners and needs help to reach his maximum speed.

5. Pad

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

As long as you don’t manage to get hit by others, you’ll be really successful as a slippery path in the game.

With one of the best driving characteristics in the game, Toad is definitely a solid option when it comes to guiding big bullfighters who want to throw everybody off the track.

Not only is Toad a formidable opponent in every race, he’s also one of the most entertaining drivers, because you’ll have to rely on your fast pirouettes and on your toes to get the best out of your character traits.

But it also has a great car, and if you’re a pad fanatic, you’ll want to try it at least once.

4. Donkey Kong

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

As you would expect from Donkey Kong, agility and grace are not his strengths.

However, you drive faster than expected when the DKs storm the starting line and drive at an impressive speed. He is also surprisingly good at holding on better than some of the other characters – especially the other tough competitors.

DK can be a great choice as he is one of the least known riders on the list. But Donkey Kong is also very reliable thanks to its solid chassis, so you don’t have to worry about your friends derailing you.

Another reason not to sleep on DK is that he is one of the most exciting riders to see the whistle of the track, because he looks – to put it mildly – ridiculous when he tries to fit into a small yellow card.

3. Bed curvature switch

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

The big, cheeky and best of the class Bowser dominates the Mario Kart N64.

Bowser is definitely the best heavyweight opponent in the game. Not only does he look scary and like to walk with him, but he also has a very high top speed and a large frame, which is necessary to ensure that others don’t throw him off balance.

Watch each race and send the others off the track. The bowl with green trimmings is a clear warning not to reach it.

2. Mario

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

Perfect for both beginners and advanced.

Mario stands out in every category and is the undisputed character worth his weight in gold in Mario Kart N64. As in any iteration of the game, the star of the Nintendo franchise is a fantastic car, always reliable for those who don’t want to make up for bad treatment.

His speed is good, he’s turning into a big one, and don’t you like to hear his winning spirit at the end of every race?

Shoot Mario with a gun, and he’s not happy. Distract it from its path and it will come back stronger than before. Sometimes all you can do is let the Italian plumber make sure you have it under control.

1. Yoshi

Best Mario Kart 64 Character (All Ranked)

Not only is the Dinosaur a favorite, but it is probably the best choice for Mario Kart 64.

As one of the fastest characters in the game, Yoshi is not only able to distance himself from the rest of the team, but is also incredibly fast to restore mental balance with maximum acceleration.

Speed and acceleration are the most valuable features of most racing games. But as you can imagine, it deserves proper treatment.

So choose Yoshie if you want a big chance of winning the race, but don’t be surprised if you’re on the edge of the map and have to avoid sharp corners.

Yeah, the more you play like Yoshie, the more you get used to the way he plays. A professional can use Yoshi’s skills to create magic.



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