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Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

One of the features of this classic FPS game is the wide variety of cards, each offering a unique playing experience.

There are several cards in the game, which are certainly the cult of all the long battles of endurance or death, and without which the game would surely suffer.

I’m here to share my thoughts on the 20 best maps you can find in Team Fortress 2. It’s so much fun that all you have to worry about is which class you choose from the 9.

20. tc_hydro

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


This is the map for the game mode Territorial Control, in which you must take and maintain strategic positions on the entire map in order to win.

Hydro is a smaller map, which means you are close to the enemy and you have to bring your A-game to the top.

So far, the only official card in the Hydro game mode is the one you have to choose if you want to prepare your opponent for battle and the battle for superiority in this small phase.

19. koth_lakeside

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


Map of the king of the hill, Lakeside has a theme of ancient Egypt that gives it an authentic scent and – as the name suggests – the characteristics of a large lake.

With accurate and realistic reconstructions of pyramids and figure-covered walls and posts in the sandy desert, Lakeside provides an interesting context for total warfare in this exciting game mode.

A melee battle, favored by the location of the map, leads to interesting tactical battles and requires a solid effort from Team to win.

18. kt_channel

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


An interesting variation on the popular King of the Hills mode: The map of the viaduct takes this route, which consists of steep slopes and places the point of capture on the top of the hills. You’ll climb a lot here.

The first official map of the game mode seems appropriate. The developers have decided to create a layout that is exactly what you think of when you think of the King of the Hill.

This is a snow map with many different approaches. And it’s the one that makes any kind of game possible, so it’s a good option where individual skill comes into play.

17. cp_Moss rock

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


Moskrok is an interesting jungle-based map for the checkpoint attack and defense mode and has great features that put it on top of the other maps in the game.

Introduced in the Jungle Inferno game update, Furry has a lot of hidden places for malicious spies and cunning engineers. But there is also plenty of room for heavy marauders and high-speed scouts.

Death pits and trains are some of the unique features that make this map special and put it at the top of the list.

16. mvm_mannhattan

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


Next map in Man vs Auto mode, where you and 5 friends encounter a horde of AI robots.

Manhattan has a striking resemblance to the famous New York City neighborhood, making the game a pleasure to play.

Fight against an army of evil robots in the city that never sleeps to enjoy TF2 with friends.

The famous skyscrapers you see in the distance form a unique background.


15. pass_brickworks

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

One step away from a typical game with Dead Pool and Capture Flag modes, the PASS consists of getting the ball into the opponent’s net. And a brick factory is a great urban environment to test your baseball skills.

It is an interesting place to play TF2 football, because a brick courtyard is a concrete jungle with many buildings that can be expanded and hidden.

With this card you can quickly knock an opponent out of the game by pushing the ball into his net. Just understand that if you can do it with them, they can do it with you.


14. plr_bananabay

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

The Banana Bay, located in the tropical zone, is the only exotic island where relaxation is the last thing on your mind.

While in the original payload mode your team and the opponent have to fight over a car and push it to their base, a payload race gives each team a car to pick up.


Banana Bay, another update map of the hell of the jungle, is a fantastic outdoor environment where you can push your car to the enemy base, admiring the beautiful scenery.

13. ctf_land case

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

First to conquer the flag on that list, going ashore is the lumberjack’s dream, just like in the logging area.

The game even has high plinths in the trees, which makes it pleasant and varied.


The Landing Map focuses on melee battles with long inner parts and narrow open spaces, and is great for fast and crazy action (if you’re looking for that kind of battles).

12. plr_higher

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

Here’s another map of the payload, just like in Banana Bay. In Hightower you have to work with your team to get your cart to the top of the high tower to win.


An interesting turn in an already exciting payload race. Hightower makes sure you stay on your team’s cart, because if you leave it too long, it falls back to the ground and leaves you alone on the field.

Hightower is a map on which you have to fight vertically and always climb. Hightower is an interesting challenge team that provides entertaining sessions.

11. pd_waterlock

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


Unlike the other maps on this list, an invasion by outsiders will lead to water gates in a coastal town. This map shows UFOs and other interesting extraterrestrial devices.

The destruction of the player consists of carrying the remains of the fallen enemy to score points. And what could be better than an alien invasion?

The leftovers (in the case of this card, for whatever reason, the bottle) must be deposited in a UFO in this area, which is a real entertainment adventure.

10. arena_byre

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


By mixing the game to the death of one team and the last man standing, the arena puts two teams against each other to see who will reach the top.

Byre is an excellent map to test your skills, because you need good communication and team tactics to navigate a small map and eliminate the enemy as efficiently as possible, with as few casualties as possible.

It is a card so small that each game can last several minutes. Still, the game is a lot of fun and Bair is a solid option for some team games.

9. koth_harvest

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


This map was first introduced with the Haunted Halloween update.

The Harvest is a well thought out and somewhat scary environment for the good old King of the Hill game.

With a fairly open layout, but with many large buildings to avoid, you and your team will take on the challenge of dominating both areas and gaining as much control over the map as possible.

The presence of a large building in the middle of the map with multi-storey entrances makes the dynamics interesting, because scouts can fly from the roof when they are least expected.

Or you can pull the pies through the front door when you try to set up the tower. Scholarship or life, I guess.

8. koth_probed

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


Like the Watergate card, the tone card has surrealistic elements, and compared to other cards it is very dark.

Which is probably good for the hidden nature of a spy and a sniper.

He also has a number of very well-paid positions that can easily be filled by an engineer who wants to camp and support his team. Or an opportunistic sniper who wants to steer the enemy at once.

There are many ways to deal with this cheerful king of mountain maps, so let your imagination run wild.

7. pl_barnblitz

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


It is very likely that a shipyard battle will appear on this payload folder, which is presented in the Uber-Update.

It consists of numerous sheds through which the loaded truck has to pass to reach the destination on the other side of the map.

The vast open, snow-covered landscape is complemented by the interior spaces of the sheds. This creates a fascinating and useful map, full of surprises and potential ambushes to get the other party out.


6. pl_upward

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

Many people consider this card to be one of the best payload cards in the game.

Up was introduced with the Engineer update and continues to enjoy great popularity.


An open rocky map, perfect for the most popular game mode, it is difficult not to love the ascending map.

It is a complex combination of indoor and outdoor spaces that takes place on different levels. Climbing requires serious strategic play and teamwork, which must be at the top of the game mode, as well as payload.

5. cp_gorge

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


The canyon card detection points version is a pleasure to play.

It is a huge map with all kinds of boxes and huts to camp in or rain like a soldier in hell.

Gorge offers a wide variety of playing styles, which should be one of the most important criteria for determining the actual quality of a TF2 card.

Moreover, the map has a beautiful green and mountainous background that extends far inland and offers a depth that makes the map comparable to the real environment.

4. cp_procedure

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


With a canyon-like aesthetic, the process is another visually attractive card with great charm. … …but also many memorable playing opportunities.

With two buildings clearly painted for the red and blue teams, the process is a complex network of corridors and doors that is a feast for the eyes.

This should give you the element of surprise, or you can just blow through the enemy if you prefer to fire all the weapons.

3. pl_water basin

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


Once you’ve entered the top 3, we’ll have the best map for each of the three most popular game modes: Payload, Hill King and point of capture.

First, we have the iconic Bad Water Pool, the undisputed king of payload cards.

Over the years, this dusty desert map has been the site of many memorable loading sessions. And as such it deserves a place on this list as the best game fashion card.

One of the original cards of the game, and the other which is introduced as a useful specific card, Bad Water Pool has the perfect balance between high and low areas and natural choke points.

These are all excellent places to ambush the enemy and take control of the car, as well as strategic places to do business as an engineer or sniper to prevent a team from being attacked.

2. koth_highpass

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)


The high pass is probably the best king of the hill map on a TF2.

It is a map on which trade takes place in an industrial area deep in the desert.

The viaduct is an excellent combination of buildings to be crossed for pyrotechnical close combat and the roof for those chasing sniper heads. The viaduct offers a wide variety of approach possibilities, making it an interesting map for the game.

This clears the way for the rather chaotic King of the Hill sessions, as the high bridge forces you to stay outside to avoid long periods of camping.


Encouraging total war in the middle of the map is a great way to set up two teams against each other. In fact, there will only be one king of the hill.

1. cp_Badlands

Best Fortress Team 2 Maps (Our Top Picks)

We finally have the king of card acquisition points: the wastelands.

This is a brilliantly created remake of the original classic Team Fortress game.

If you’ve been around since 2008, you might think that the badlands are losing their original appeal and being rejected in favour of newer maps.

This has not yet been proven, for the wasteland has proven itself over time to be an incredibly pleasant place to live.

One of the best parts of this card, and the one that meets all classes of the game, is the wide range of terrain that matches the 9 classes and their unique playing styles.

In the desert, you can succeed in any class. And it serves as a showcase to get the best out of 9 different classes and give them all an equal chance to shine without minimizing the strengths of any of them.



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