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Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

At Skyrim, there’s a widespread misunderstanding about the coat.

Some people think that only wizards should wear them, although in reality there are robes that can increase the effectiveness of almost any class of warriors.

You have to find the dress that suits you, and there’s no better place to start than this list.

I’ll tell you about the best dresses in Skyrim and show you where to find them.

This list contains all the dresses available in the game, so make sure you look for a dress that fits what you are looking for. But I think most of the capes on this list are ideal to be worn by wizards from allmagical schools.

I have also included clothing sets that offer good benefits for each player and can easily be replaced by dresses to achieve different effects in quests.

10. Necromancer fish

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits


Necromancers’ robes are very easy to find, and you will often find them in every dungeon where black magic is practiced.

In fact, you should be able to stumble on some of these dresses while searching for books for the Archimage during the first Winterhold College searches.

The capes of the Necromancers give an important impulse to the magical regeneration and increase it by 75%.

Of course, you come through Winterhold College disguised as someone who practices black magic in shady dungeons, but you can do magic much more often!

9. Telephone Robot

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

In the Highpoint Tower you will find Telvanni clothes worn by Ildari Sarotril.

The effect of the Telvanian cloak is the same as that of the necromancer.

The main advantage of the Telvanni robes is that there is no need to disguise yourself as a necromancer to increase the regeneration of the magic by 75%. In fact, Telvanni dresses look much softer than their dark counterparts.

You can’t kill Ildari if you want to earn those clothes. You’ll get them as a reward when you’ve completed the search for old friends.

8. Diving equipment (any version)

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

No wonder that Dunmer’s favorite outfit contains a certain magical attribute, given that the Dark Elves are widely known as one of the strongest wizards wandering around Tamriel.

For example, Dunmer’s outfit (which comes in different versions, including hooded and hoodless versions) gives you a 75% mage regeneration bonus.

The versatility of Dunmer’s outfit makes it one of the best magical dresses available at Skyrim, and the fact that it is worn by countless NPCs in the game makes it fairly easy to find and obtain.

7. Mythical Dresses of the dawn

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

The clothing worn by the members of the Mythical Dawn cult has the same effect as the last three items on this list.

But they make you look smoother than the others. Luckily not many people around Skyrim know how to wear a mythical morning dress, so you won’t make much noise in your outfit!

You have to either steal these dresses from the hut of a member of the Mythic Dawn, or kill a member of the faction if you want to get your hands on one of these dresses.

6. Robot Taron Dreta

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

These dresses, worn by Taron Dret himself, are identical to those of Rob the Master.

However, they have a very powerful spell , which makes the use of destructive spells 15% cheaper and also gives a magic regeneration rate bonus of 75%.

Getting a bathrobe can be a challenge. Dret will attack you if you tell him you have a mutual friend because he’s afraid you know too much about him.
Even if it seems a bit painful, it’s the easiest way to kill your shadow character and steal his clothes!

5. Wrapped dressing gowns

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits


Although the Brotherhood of Darkness is best known for its light armor, veiled robes are also a valuable tool that you can find if you pass the search line of the Brotherhood of Darkness.

As you would expect for each item from the scene, Veiled Robes give you a 15% bonus on the cost of destruction spells.

Of course you can use these clothes as a killer – especially if you have to cast a powerful spell to kill someone who isn’t looking, but doesn’t have the necessary magic!

4. Clothing of Cicero

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

The dress Cicero is wearing himself is the only dress that is not on the list.

But he’s too beautiful not to share it with you. It can be quite difficult to get them, because you have to go through the series of Dark Brotherhood-quests (Cicero also has to die).

However, the effects are worth the effort.

It doubles the damage you do when you sneak, while increasing the damage to the power itself by 35%.

With the Cicero boots you can move quietly and discreetly thanks to their charm.

You also get 20% better prices when you exchange these clothes!

3. Main robot

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

The master dress is fantastic.

They give you a 150% bonus on mage regeneration speed, making it mandatory for every mage (or even beginners!) in Skyrim land.

The only drawback for fashion lovers is that the dresses don’t have a hood, so you better look for a black hood that fits them.

You can buy them at Winterhold College once you reach level 32, where you can find them in the shop. Remember that you must have a total of 32 levels (your level in an independent magical school does not affect the availability of this material).

2. Miraaca rake

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits


These legendary gowns are worn by the mighty Miraaki who appear in the Dragonborn DLC series of the most important quests.

To get them, you have to complete the search for the top of the Apocrypha, and the robes have a very unique effect: They absorb 15% of the magic of the dragon’s breath and the spells you receive.

And they also have the ability to cause a tentacle explosion if they’re hit.

1. Arhmagey bathrobes

Best dresses in Skyrim: our top 10 outfits

The robes of the Archmage are worn by the Archmage of Winterhold College.

These robes are generally considered to be the best robes in as far as the wizards are concerned, as they offer a 15% reduction in the cost of magic for all spells, a total of +50 magic and a regeneration bonus of 100% magic.

You can receive the dresses after completing Winterhold College quests when you become an Archimage and receive the key to the Archimage District, which is located on top of one of the college towers.



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