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Best Arms in Mordhau – August 2019 Mordhau Weapon Tier List

Best Arms in Mordhau – August 2019 Mordhau Weapon Tier List

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Let’s go back to the Middle Ages.

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This year Mordhau quickly became one of the greatest titles in medieval piracy. With its advanced control circuits and deep combat mechanisms, Mordhau offers players an exciting new level of medieval combat. Against this background, Triterion’s last title was quite competitive. If you want to succeed in this extensive multiplayer combat mode, you’ll need the right equipment. We’ve made a list of levels for each weapon in Mordhau. Before you dive into our list of levels, see the breakdown of the list below.

List of sample levels

Mordhau has a rather complex weapon system. When you equip items in Mordhau, you get a certain number of lock points. Each device gets one point and is added to the total score per location. The number of items you equip may not exceed the total number of your game points.

As a result, weapons in Mordhau are divided into three categories. There are weapons ranging from 1 to 3 points, which are usually sideways and throwing. There are also 4 to 6-point weapons, which are usually the main weapons. Finally, there are the 7-11 caliber heavy weapons, including support weapons and heavy weapons.

To organize this list of levels, we have provided five levels, from S to D. Weapons are organized according to their popularity and skill in modern meta-games. That’s why a Grade 1 weapon can be more important than a Grade 7 weapon. But Mordhau is a balanced game. Therefore, you will probably succeed with all the weapons in the arsenal of the game.

List of levels Description

  • Level S –This weapon is incredibly powerful. If you want a competitive advantage over your enemies, you can’t go wrong in your choice of opponents.
  • Level A –The popularity of this weapon is above average in today’s meta.
  • Level B toMedium, is a reliable and widely used weapon in today’s meta.
  • Level C –Less popular than weapons at a higher level, these items are generally considered useful in only one situation.
  • Level D –Lower-level weapons are generally the least popular and are generally considered less effective than higher-level weapons.


  • Halberd
  • Evening star
  • With both hands
  • Curved bow


  • Rapier
  • Big Sword
  • Launch
  • War Axe
  • Mouth
  • the hangman’s sword
  • Pepper spray
  • Long onion


  • Throwing knife
  • Knives
  • Battle axe
  • Poland Axis
  • Long word
  • Estoc
  • Bardisch
  • Axis
  • The sword for armament
  • Quaternary
  • Arbalest


  • Falsión
  • Dagger
  • Chopper
  • Billhook
  • Short lance
  • Short Sword
  • Forging hammer
  • Wooden hammer


  • Worm ash
  • Asshole sword
  • Heating hammer
  • training sword
  • Rock

For all Mordhau, see the portal of the Mordhau guide – Allen and Allen Mordhau

Best Arms in Mordhau – August 2019 Mordhau Weapon Tier List

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