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AFK Arena-Fact Advantages Guide

AFK Arena-Fact Advantages Guide


Every hero in the AFC Arena belongs to one of the six factions: Wilders, Molotovtsy, Light Makers, Gravediggers, Celestial and Ipoetic. Like many other strategy games, the AFC Arena has a system of actual benefits. All factions have one faction that suffers more damage and another that suffers more damage. This guide tells you everything you need to know about the benefits of the factions in the AFC arena.

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  • Advantage of clutch damage
  • Team Faction Bonus
  • Free gearbox action

Breakage pay

Each faction has a faction against which it is weak and a faction against which it is strong. When a faction is strong against a certain faction, it means that it will cause up to 25% extra damage to the heroes of that faction. For example, Brutus, who is a moler, will cause up to 25% more damage to the wilder Nemora. However, Brutus will receive up to 25% extra damage from Belinda, that is Lightbridge. Here is a table of fractional benefits in the AFC Arena.

AFK Arena-Fact Advantages Guide

Using this knowledge to your advantage can help you reach a certain level, especially now that most of the campaign consists of teams of 5 Heroes from the same faction.

Team Faction Bonus

In addition to the individual benefit of the Hero Faction mentioned above, the AFC Arena also has a Bonus Team Faction. This bonus system gives you the full percentage increase in HP and attack, depending on the structure of your team. For example, if your team has 3 Molière Heroes and 2 Lamp Heroes, all your Heroes get a 15% increase in ATK and 15% in HP. Discover all the advantages of the order fractions in the following graph.

AFK Arena-Fact Advantages Guide

Although this diagram should be taken into account when building your team, choosing 5 Heroes from a faction is probably not the best solution, at least not in a late match.

EquipmentDifferentiated premium

The third advantage of the faction in the AFC Arena relates to the transfer. Every time you take a device that is rarer, there is a chance that it has a bonus element. The Geared Faction bonus means that the hero of a certain faction gets an extra 30% of the statistics of that faction. An example is the axe of the Zeloot, which is equipped with a Brutus shredder. As you can see, she gets 30% more of the weapon because she meets the criteria for the transfer premium.

AFK Arena-Fact Advantages Guide

AFK Arena-Fact Advantages Guide

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